The name of the package suits it very well!
Here we combine all our services in a single week full of adventure and wellness.
You just have to worry about getting here, after that … it’s on us!

8 Days and 7 Nights

A full week’s stay.
Breakfast is always included!


On Bungalow, or Sun, Sea, Nature or World Room, check out your ideal room here |.


The art of welcoming!
Since the very beginning, we want you to feel at home.
On Monday.


A massage of 45 minutes included, as a complement to the relaxing days that lie ahead.

5 Surfing Lessons

2h per class, with all the material included, as well as transfer to the beach.

2 Yoga Lessons

If the goal is relaxation, then you do not have to worry about anything. We’ll take care of everything!

2 Longboard Classes

Yes, you will experience the pleasure of dancing on a longboard. And yes, on the move!

Visit to Nazaré

Our coast is incredibly diverse from north to south! And not far from here, you can find the famous village of Nazaré and its giant waves.


We take you to the most fantastic trails of our coast. You can take pictures or just breathe!

Visit the Cellar

The vineyard is part of Portuguese culture.
With wine tasting included, of course!

Farewell Dinner

We hate goodbyes, but if we do it, we do it great.

Transfer IncluDED*

The trip from the Airport to the Surfcamp is on us. If you have any doubts, contact us!

Low SeasonMedium SeasonHigh Season

Low SeasonMedium SeasonHigh Season

Low SeasonMedium SeasonHigh Season

Seasons are determined in the following way:
Low Season – November to March  |  Medium Season – April, May, June and October  |  High Season – July to September

Prices are shown per person

Arrivals and Departures on Sunday. For more days of accommodation, contact us.

Transfer for check-in on Sundays at 4 pm from Lisbon Airport to Surfcamp 360.
Checkout on Sundays at 4 pm from Surfcamp 360 to Lisbon Airport.
If you need to schedule a different transfer time, let us know.